The composing of enterprise:
Zhejiang Lovely Technology Textile Co., Ltd.
Shengzhou CTBO Non-woven Co., Ltd.
Shengzhou Lovely Non-woven Factory
shanghai kenede battery co.,ltd

The mode of management:
Manufacture, OEM, Self-support imports and exports.

Lovely enterprise is composed of three branches: Knitting Garment Mill, Non-woven Textile Co., Ltd., and High Technology Non-woven Co., Ltd. The basic point of enterprise is high-tech and process care with products. We are in the leading position in the special process applications for all kinds of non-woven, and continue with exploit and innovations.

Lovely enterprise has passed the Certification of ISO 9001-2000 in 2001, and is one of the Hi-Tech Enterprises of Zhejiang Province in 2003, also is one of the Emphasis Hi-Tech Enterprises of Nation in 2005
Knitting Garment company was ranked the base of China Sciences Group textile and scientific research In 1998, Having a complete set of characteristic quality-guaranteed measures. Some famous brands from home and broad are made in "OEM" by our company, and its productivity for T-shirt is 360000pcs per month.
CTBO Non-woven and goods company produces all kinds of non-woven wipe, cleaning goods, medical fabric and goods, synthetic and artificial leather substrates, and we have special production line for the dealing with non-woven, such as water-proof, ageing resisting, static-proof, inflammable etc. The main equipments are imported from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan; Its productivity is 5000 tons per year. At the same time, we produce disposable medical material for hospital use and special protective products. We can meet the standard of Europe and America, the surgical kit and necessary accessories, special protective gowns is 8,000,000 suits per year.
Lovely Non-woven company produces filtration materials and multiple fabric. Its productivity is 3000 tons per year.
Lovely Enterprise will develop and open the market both at home and abroad with the motto of "Faith, honesty and development", we sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to establish and develop business with us for mutual benefit and prosperity.

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